Encouraging Metamorphosis through self-discovery

who can benefit from therapy? Absolutely anyone and everyone!
We are all wounded in one way or another, but you don't have to be the victim of unfortunate EVENTs that may have happened in your life.

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Psychotherapy Treatment Specialties

EMDR is Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing

During REM sleep, (Rapid Eye Movement) when our eyes move quickly from side-to-side, it is believed that we are reprocessing and assimilating information.  psychotherapy treatment specialitiesEMDR is the deliberate process of bi-lateral stimulation, (eyes following from side-to-side) during which the brain is sort of “toggled”.  Memories of traumatic events are usually stored along with all the dysfunctional thoughts and errant cognitions that accompany the experience of trauma. (“It was all my fault.” “If only I had done something different.” “I must be a bad person for this to have happened to me.”) EMDR allows those flawed memory capsules to be accessed and reprocessed, so that the associated negative emotions can be reduced or eliminated.  Freeing oneself from traumatic memories allows catharsis to occur, since often people feel enslaved by their past and the negative experiences they have had.  I offer EMDR treatment to all of Central Florida.

Clinical Hypnosis

The mind is extremely powerful, and has the ability to govern not only your emotional state but your physical condition as well.  Clinical hypnosis can be so effective that it has been observed to actually slow down and stop the spreading of cell damage resulting from severe burns, when performed shortly after the incident.